About Us
Team of Engineers, Marketing professionals, 3D and VFX artists

About Us

We are a technical animation studio,focused on creating easy to understand technical 3D animations for the industry. Olovi was started in 2011 by a engineering and industry professionals. We specialize in creating high quality technical marketing tools in 3D for the purpose of sales, marketing and training. Our 3D based marketing tools makes it easy for companies to explain their products and process easier, better and faster. We have executed over 400 technical animations for companies in India, Europe and US.

Since 2017, leveraging on its strengh of technical modeling and animation skills, we deliver Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps for our customers.

Does your animation vendor understand engineering drawings, terminologies and processes? We understand better. Talk to us!

Why Olovi3D?

We understand engineering. We have short turnaround time. You don't have to struggle to explain your product/ processes. You can talk to us through your engineering drawings, P&IDs, PFDs. We have wide range of hands-on experience in many industrial segments.

Technical animations has to be technical and more. It also has to be stylish and creative. Our focus is on both. An animation that communicates all the technical features and advantages and also that look stylish and captures attention. We strive for aesthetics along with technical accuracy.

3D workflow is complex, has a long learning curve and is time consuming. Our 3D are experienced and are well supported by our powerful Xeon powered workstations with in-house rendering capability. Our Pr3DR workflow ensures high quality output renders. Our experienced 3D, VFX artists and software programmers are highly skilled and experienced in technical animations. We have delivered over 350 technical animation projects for various companies in India, Europe and US over the last 6 years.