Show 360 Panoramic view of your plant with interactive hotspots

Panoramic 360 VR tours provide your customers of a ' being there' experience. Users can simply drag around the image to see all around. You can highlight your plant or machinery installation area with interactive hotspots that provide more information in the form of image, description or a video. They can also enable user navigate from one spot to another with just a click / tap.

  • Drag and look all around the environment
  • 360o VR gives the experience of being there
  • Highlight parts with hotspots- links, info, video
  • Teleport from one spot to another with a click / tap
  • Engage visitors, improve your ranking
  • Showcase your projects in a single or multi 360o images
  • Support very high resolution images

Why 360 Panoramic VR?

Enable a site visit for your customer, from his cabin

We all know its not easy to arrange a site visit for your customers. A 360 Panoramic VR, is a very good digital alternative!

We can build your plant that looks great- fully in Photoreal 3D and help teleport your customer to the site and show it from different view points. This enables your customer to interactively explore your installation. You can leverage on the interactive hotspots to explain the key features and functiionlity both with text and visual explaination. It also enables your customer to see action inside that wouldn't be possible even in site visits for example see inside a Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor (MBBR). Do check out our 360 VR Panoramic tour of a Pharmaceutical Water Treatment plant (above). We are sure you could find many use cases for this. Talk to us!