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Does your product images look great? Poor quality product images diminish the percieved value of your product

Why great looking product images?

Quality is an attitude. Your choice of images to present your product has a huge impact on your custmer. Great product images captivate and retain your customers attention. They also deliver a very positive impression of your product quality.

Why Olovi Photoreal 3D renders?

Our 3D model renders,seem to pop out of the screen. Olovi 3D Photoreal renders are very crisp and sharp, high contrast, rendered at captivating angles. They are without any background clutter.

A 3D render is cheaper & better compared to industrial photography. They can be delivered faster and revised to match the product design changes

Your Product image will impact your brand image?

Would you buy from a company who displays bad, pixelated, badly lit images on the web? Probably looks shady! Have you ever seen a German / Swiss or big multinationals using bad quality product images?

The reason is, it does impact your image. If you can't present your product atleast with good photos, what quality can the machine be? After all quality is an attitude. You want it everywhere, be it your car, your dress, your home or your product photos.

Move over images, use 3D models directly now

Why just show images on your website. Show the 3D model itself. Let your users interact with it. Try it! Drag to move the model on the left around with your mouse cursor. Want to configure a product interactively? Click the button below!

Interactive 3D


Most of the top companies have the 3D model for all their products. But the web is still full of products with poor quality images even for good quality products. Here's a quick FAQ on the advantages of 3D models / renders.

What are the major advantages of a 3D model render images?

3D renders are indespensible in todays times. The advantages are;

  • 1. Super sharp high contrast
  • 2. Clutter free free background
  • 3. Render at any resolutions
  • 4. Use for print (brochures, posters, adverts)
  • 5. Low file size renders(websites, social media posts)
  • 6. Use 3D models for animations
  • 7. Use 3D models directly on the web
  • 8. Use Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)

Why can't I simply get a photo shoot done?

You can. That's how it was being done. But it comes with problems. Depending on your product, you may need to stop production while the photo shoot is on. If your product is big and your facility small, it is very difficult to get space to shoot at the right angles. Setting up lighting is a difficult job. Then there is an issue of imperfections. Your products might have some minor flaw eg. a dent or a scratch that is difficult to ignore nor eliminate. Background clutter is another major problem. You have to remove it in photoshop which your may or may not like the final output. What happens when you make changes to your product? You need to do the shoot all over again. What if you want to show the inside part of your product. With a photo shoot, you simply can't, without dismantling and exposing unwanted things. Photoshoot is also expensive. A good industrial photo studio in India charges between INR 35K to 100K. The cheaper ones do not have the equipment nor the expertise to shoot bigger machines. They can however shoot equipments that can be put on a table and easily moved. But not the the crisp clarity that high quality Photoreal 3D model render may provide.

Can 3D renders match photo shoot quality?

Yes. 3D renders can not only match but can exceed in quality when compared to photo shoots. Most of the top companies not do not go for photoshoots but rely on 3D renders for both images and videos. Most of the product advertisements on television or prints in magazines are done using 3D models. The Coke, Pepsi, the Cars, the buildings, the fruit juices. If done correctly, Photoreal 3D renders look better than photographs as everything can be controlled, like the lighting, wind, light direction, the materials, the texture etc. What if you make products with many variations and do not have all the variations for the photo shot. You simply don't need them, if you are going the 3D route. You can model and render out all the variations without even building them.

What's the cost comparison between Photoshoot and 3D model renders?

Well for one, if you do a shoddy 3D model and render, its cheaper. On the other side, if you call a marriage photographer in your by lane, he can be cheaper. So lets remove the amateurs aside and compare a professional industrial photo studio and a professional 3D animation studio. If you already have the 3D models of your product and you share it with us and we do all the materials, textures, lighting and renders, then its definitely cheaper than a photo shoot. What if you don't have the 3D model and have to create one. In this scenario, it boils down to the complexity of the 3D model. For not very complex models, 3D renders can be cheaper than a professional photo shoot. If the 3D mode has 1000 parts and complex connections, then photography will be cheaper.

Is it fair to say its the price that decides if I do a photoshoot or a 3D render?

No. The decision has to be based on the end objective. If you want to show what's inside your product, cut section, exploded view etc. then 3D model render is the only way out. If you do not have the product for shoot or you only have one type but you make 10 more variations, then again its 3D. If you want to show extreme close-up, again you choose the 3D model render route. If you already have the 3D model, or if you have already got it done once by us, then again go with 3D. But you want to prove by photo that you indeed have produced it


For the technical product marketing executives looking to increase their sales, Olovi-3D delivers high quality 3D animations to present their product features and benefits aesthetically and in a technical accurate manner to help improve sales.

Olovi 3D is a technical animation studio based in Hyderabad, India. We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, animators and CG artists. Our core strength is designing and creating technical 3D animations for marketing and training purposes.

Our animations help improve sales and aid better, faster and easier understanding of the product / process.



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