Your own exhibition center for Product Experience

Now you can host your own exhibition center that is always on 24X7, 365 days. A stall for evey product with a product experience zone that engages, educates and is interactive. It is a one stop shop for your cusotmer to know and interact with your product. Your cusotmer can get acess in a single click to your product brochure, interact with your product in 3D, watch the the product video and check the product webpage.

  • Your own experience center for all your products
  • Build a stall for every product
  • Great tool to highlight your product features and benefits
  • Your exhibition never ends, its always on 24X7, 365 days
  • Let customers interact in 3D

Why your own Product Experience Center?

Your customers deserves to know your product better

Customize, brand, display and allow interactivity.

Product Experience center is a great way to educate your customers about your products and its benefits. People love interactivity. Your cutomers can easily navigate from one stall to another and experience your products. Most importantly, there is no competitor to distract them. Its your products that are in full focus. The question arises, can they interact with your product or operate it themselves? The answer is yes. They can for example, push a buttom to see an agitator start rotating, change multiple parts to configure your product themselves and much more. Click a button in the PLC MMI and start a pump, thats possible too. Take a tour to know how it feels. Contact us to know whats possible


For the technical product marketing executives looking to increase their sales, Olovi-3D delivers high quality 3D animations to present their product features and benefits aesthetically and in a technical accurate manner to help improve sales.

Olovi 3D is a technical animation studio based in Hyderabad, India. We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, animators and CG artists. Our core strength is designing and creating technical 3D animations for marketing and training purposes.

Our animations help improve sales and aid better, faster and easier understanding of the product / process.



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