High quality posters with high-res 3D renders

We generate very high quality photoreal 3D renders of size and resolution that are required for posters. Images shot at very good angles that help the communication. Our graphic design team can use the image for a very elegant design that can capture attention and communicates with impact.

  • Photoreal 3D models make your product look great
  • Make great first impression with our posters
  • We ensure your brand guidelines is intrinsic in our design
  • Any size, any resolution, any angle, we can deliver

Why Olovi high-res Posters?

Great features are sometimes subtle, needs to be amplified

Posters create impact from a distance. Thanks to their size and visual impact, there's no doubt that a compelling visual and pictorial message can deliver great visibility to your products. Printed advertising is more comfortable for the human eye. Recent research carried out in the USA has shown that people are far more

likely to recall an advert they saw in print, and especially if there are written messages that require more attention. But large posters means images of very high resolution that are sharp and clear. Our photoreal 3D renders ensure just that. Combine it with an elegant captions and message, it sure can bring your customers closer to your stall.


For the technical product marketing executives looking to increase their sales, Olovi-3D delivers high quality 3D animations to present their product features and benefits aesthetically and in a technical accurate manner to help improve sales.

Olovi 3D is a technical animation studio based in Hyderabad, India. We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, animators and CG artists. Our core strength is designing and creating technical 3D animations for marketing and training purposes.

Our animations help improve sales and aid better, faster and easier understanding of the product / process.



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