Interactive 3D models in the browser. Nothing compares better

The primary use is to allow your users to configure your product themselves. For example an electrical Control Panel can come with options of Powder coated panel, Stainless Steel panel, Push button controls or a Large touch screen HMI. You can let user choose and assemble the control panel all in 3D directly on the browser. We can provide a menu that will enable the user to choose from and put together a complete product with the options available.

  • Allow users to configure product themselves
  • Enables users to take apart the product
  • Explain each part with interactive hotspots
  • Interactivity helps improve your SEO rankings
  • Ideal tool for product / process training

Why 3D Product configurators?

Users can configure what they want to check if they like it

Though product configurators are ideal for configuring the product, its a great tool to explain your product as well. The users can dismantle and assemble your product. Its a good training tool as well.

Interactive 3D model in the browser opens up huge possibilities . Users can not only configure themselves but also interactively understand your product. Your users can push the button to start the pump or open and close specific valves to stop flow and see the pressure increase in the gauge. All triggered by their actions. What happens whey you switch off a UV Lamp? Let the users do it and see the bacterial load increasing. Switch it ON and see it decreasing. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.