A good brochure needs great images and a good layout

And of course a good copywrite. Most of the brochures fail as they don't have good product shots or they are of poor resolution, or their layout is very cramped. Too much text is another repulsive factor. We design brochures that are elegant, has good imagery and a decent layout. Our graphic designers understand color theory, follow brand guidelines and help you select the right print paper!

  • Elegant layout, imagery color selection
  • Technically correct copywrite and grammar
  • Quality print paper with sharp image reproduction
  • Speak through images more than text
  • Understand font and its appropriate usage

Why Olovi Brochures?

Captivating imagery, good layout and hiqh quality print

Our first goal is to strive to ensure your brochure among the first 3 to be picked up from a heap of 20 brochures. Aesthetics, layout, content, imagery and the print quality is what differentiates our brochures.

Our design process leverages on our ability to generate images as per the message to be communicated. If we talk about ions that are exchanged, we can create images of ions being exchanged and use them. We try to communicate as much with images and less with text, good amount of white space, grammatically accurate copywrite. We also understand colors and use it as per the sensibilities of the target audience, region or as per the project needs.


For the technical product marketing executives looking to increase their sales, Olovi-3D delivers high quality 3D animations to present their product features and benefits aesthetically and in a technical accurate manner to help improve sales.

Olovi 3D is a technical animation studio based in Hyderabad, India. We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, animators and CG artists. Our core strength is designing and creating technical 3D animations for marketing and training purposes.

Our animations help improve sales and aid better, faster and easier understanding of the product / process.



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