Domain expertise, knowledge, skill and passion for 3D!

We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, 3D animators and CG artists on technical products and always looking for improvement.

Olovi 3D is a technical animation studio based in Hyderabad, India. We are a well-coordinated team of engineers, animators and CG artists. Our core strength is designing and creating technical 3D animations for marketing and training purposes.

Since 2011, we have delivered over 500 projects to over 40 satisfied customers in 10 countries in Europe, US, Australia and Asia. Our project team has engineers and technically qualified project co-coordinators. This gives us the ability to quickly understand complex projects and translate them into visually captivating yet simplified animations. We have worked on a wide range of industries like Water treatment, Bio-technology, Additive industry, machine tools, ZLD, Filtration etc. and products include Bio-reactors, Sewage Treatment Plants, RO Membrane, Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporator, Ultrafiltration System etc.

  • Experienced engineers and 3D artists
  • Delivered over 500 projects since 2011
  • Clients across US, Europe and India
  • Well equipped infrastructure
  • Confidentiality, customer trust, high ethical standards

Why Olovi 3D?

  • We are a well co-ordinated team of engineers, 3D animators and CG artists specializing in creating high quality technical 3D animations
  • Delivered over 500 animation project to customers in Asia, Europe and the USA
  • Since 2011, we have continuously refined our workflow. This has enabled us to deliver high quality projects at a lower cost
  • Our infrastructure of high end workstations powered by high end GPUs and internal render farm help deliver projects faster
  • We value your trust and transact with high standard of business ethics

Our infrastructure

Powerful machines, cutting edge 3D software and internal render farm

3D technology is evolving rapidly. The phenomenal growth of technology in the hardware & software have reduced the project execution time drastically while enhancing the quality.

The hardware and software are evolving so rapidly. Couple of years back a workstation with 32 GB ram was considered high end. Its now 128GB. Few years back SATA SSDs were considered high end, but now NVMe SSDs that read and write at least 3-4 times faster is the norm. The GPUs are evolving even faster. At Olovi, we ensure that we have the latest hardware and software to leverage on this phenomenal growth of technology. This helps us leverage on the latest release the 3D software that is fully licensed. We are now delivering projects faster and with better quality than ever at a lower cost.

Meet Our Team

Ideal blend of experienced engineers & skilled 3D artists with an ability to learn and unlearn frequently!

Its a huge challenge to understand different varied technologies like water treatment, Additive manufacturing, Bio-technology etc. and keep up with the highly dynamic and evolving and complex nature of the CG software and hardware and fully leverage on their capabilities.

The core strength of our team is the ability to unlearn and re-learn skills. Regular training sessions help optimize our workflow to deliver projects faster and with more efficiency. This helps us in reducing project costs and turn around time.